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Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest All or Nothing Desert Rooster    From My Utmost for His Highest

When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his outer garment . . . and plunged into the sea —John 21

What is it like to fling yourself into the name of the Lord? {Tweet}

Read the below excerpt from A Rooster Once Crowed:

In persons number three and four on earth, I see the archetype of two people whom I know in me. At times, I have been Abel—one who, since the beginning, even when there appeared no way for him to be part of this, couldn’t imagine a scenario where he would not be included in this Great Dance called heaven. At my best, I . . .

. . . put in the time and learn the steps. Fully knowing that Jesus’ sacrifice will justify these accounts, I recognize my role in the process and love recklessly. I recognize that God counts me as righteous through my belief in Jesus—a belief that drives my service and love to extreme limits. I set my heart on settling my account the best I can, even while recognizing that on my own, I’ll never bridge the gap. But in spite of my circumstances and failings, I couldn’t not be part of that Great Dance hosted in heaven. {TWEET}

Then, at my worst, I become Cain, refusing to admit my shortcomings or lean into God’s grace. I refuse or (at best) delay getting my arms around the sin that falls to my account. I feel awkward going through the steps and eventually give up. I see serving myself as my highest and best use. The list goes on. I ignore my role in it and I get a taste of the punishment visited on Cain. Because of my circumstances and failings (mine and others, writ large), I just won’t be part of that Great Dance hosted in heaven.

What does that mean for you? If you look at this as a spectrum, on one end is Abel with his unyielding desire to please God with his best and greatest. It is a place in your heart that, while fully realizing free will, you sacrifice to a higher One, a Fundamental big enough to bear it, so there is nothing that will keep you from it. Think Mary of Bethany wiping Jesus’ feet with oil costing a year’s wages or Paul’s mission work or Joshua entering the Promised Land. It doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, but it is something that burned within them so hot, there was no way they weren’t going to complete their mission.

On the other end of the spectrum is Cain and his attitude to check the box on the religion imposed on him by his parents. It is a dark place where selfishness rules and, despite knowing and seeing that happiness lies within the walls of the Great Dance, you’d rather stand outside in the cold. When you say something that is true but extremely hurtful to a loved one or when you cut a corner because the benefit to you is too great, you’re squarely within this end of the spectrum.

Want to reclaim the legacy of Abel?

If you still have the small flame or ember of Abel within you, you can feed it {TWEET} with service, love and real belief. You can enjoy the pleasure of God’s regard and look for it in every interaction, smile or ray of sunlight. You can decide today that you’ll set your heart on a Fundamental big enough to deserve love.

If you don’t feel even an ember of Abel within you, don’t despair. You can ask for it!”

God has been calling you by name, and if you will take the initiative to ask for that ember—it’s enough for you to want to want Him—then it is His absolute pleasure to give it to you. His call for you is real, but it requires an affirmative response.

EXCERPTED FROM A Rooster Once Crowed: A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told, Chapter 4-Those Who Can’t Not (pgs. 63-65) WHICH IS FREE ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS OF EBOOK THROUGH EASTER. AVAILABLE FORMATS are linked at Full Porch Press.

That story is not the only way, but without a deeply personal view of the Cross, a complete and effective decision about sin is impossible. Do that work first and the decision will come naturally.

I love you.


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