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Bryant Cornett can’t believe he’s here.

For 35 years Cornett followed the rules and got ahead. He went to the Johns Hopkins University, circled the globe twice, started a business in Vietnam, moved to Atlanta, married the girl, had a great family and generally won. But it wasn't enough.

Things Cornett thought would have filled him five years before, were status quo. Growing up in Amarillo, Texas, Cornett had been brought up in the church, but unanswered questions gnawed at him. Questions like, "How does this look in real life?" and "What's a man to do with that in this world?" and "What if I want something else more?"

In 2009 Cornett began an earnest pursuit of God. Things changed. Physics changed. The things that had been so important before, became insignificant in the context of a greater understanding of the Gospel and the story at play.

Cornett is still a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta with a wife from the Mississippi Delta, three great kids, a dog named Cocoa Cola Cornett, and a lizard named Leopard (for now). And nothing has been the same since.


About Full Porch Press

A wealthy benefactor commissioned Picasso to paint a new work for a grand party. A month out, she called and the master never responded. A week out, she called and still no response. She began calling daily until the morning of the party, she showed up at Picasso's studio. Waking the old man, she reminded him of his commitment to her and demanded to see the painting.

He walked over to a blank canvas and over the next 20 minutes, he brushed the canvas with all the colors he had mixed and at hand. Then he turned, and gave his benefactor the painting. Affronted, the rich woman said, "I paid you a fortune for this and you only spent 20 minutes on it." To which Picasso answered, "No madam. I took me my whole life."

Full Porch Press is a ministry nearly 40 years in the making. No one would have planned it like this, but for those who look closely enough, they'll see the excellence of God's plan in this.

Our mission is to move the Gospel into the discussion. For too long, we have asked the Gospel to recline in the last place, at the end of the ballroom, farthest away from the throne we build for ourselves. And we never bother to move the Gospel up higher, into the place of honor.

Through multiple media interfaces, Full Porch Press seeks to make the Gospel the topic you're dying to discuss with friends, your spouse and your children. It is the story of humanity, and understanding it better (even if not fully) will change the world.


I would invite you to connect with this ministry in the following ways:

  1. Sign up for our email lists. You'll get access to valuable teaching materials, events in your area, advance promotions on books and media and be part of the team.
  2. Read A Rooster Once Crowed. We've worked hard to make this as accessible as possible by providing print and electronic formats across all platforms worldwide. Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple are three easy places to purchase it, but click here to see all the platforms supported.
  3. Watch or listen to some of our Media. We have video and audio media that thousands in 54 countries have loved enough to share with their friends,
  4. Forward the video or any of our 38 minute talks to a friend. Our Media page has a lot of helpful links to do that,
  5. Post a review at Apple, AmazonBarnes & Noble or goodreads. Whether it's a good review or you have problems with the book, this kind of traffic tells the world that you, too, share our mission of pushing the Gospel into the center of the discussion,
  6. Lead a small group, bible study or independent group on A Rooster Once Crowed. We have great materials under Teachers that will make this an easy and lively discussion. If you'll contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we can arrange for bulk orders (multiples of 10) of the book, too.
  7. Invite Bryant to come and speak to your group, class or small group. We are always looking for opportunities to expand and let others hear the message behind the greatness of the Gospel. Contact us for that by checking availability under the Speaking tab,
  8. Give the Rooster. Every decision that we've made has centered around getting more folks to read and engage this material. We never wanted to sell books that sat on shelves, so price points and ease of access were designed to help you engage this material and encourage your friends to do the same. If you do love it enough to give it as a gift, please put the additional thought into how you can ask them to not just accept the gift, but engage in the conversation.
  9. Share the Gospel. We're not the only game in town. Read your Bible in community with others and figure out why this book written by a small group—the least of these historically—still exists today in any form, much less as the most read book in history. Curate this story and make a decision based on it. Figure out why God spanned the universe and built and broke time itself in pursuit of you. Commit five minutes a day to answering the question, "Why for me?"

A Rooster Once Crowed

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